#Kampy, First of it's kind college campus networking app, #engage,#educate,#empower yourself with Kampy

  • Go anonymous in your college campus using #kampanon
  • Fun way to send picture and text messages by using #kamscratch
  • Get connected with your college buddies and receive their updates using #kampmates
  • BUZZ your #kampool members with #kampchat
  • Seperate your college life from #rest_of_the_world

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Yet another exclusive & unique feature of Kampy, as privileged user every #kampanion is rewarded with points for each activates on the app


It's always fun to be in the dark while playing a prank and the fun continues with the #Kampanon feature wherein you can hide your public identity and anonymously reply to posts on the app.


Through this, a #kampanions can send hidden posts to a fellow #kampanions,either with his real or anonymous identity and the receiver has to "scratch" the post on the phone screen to view the message.


Confused which class to join? Want more opinions about the nearby restaurants? Well, there is one single solution to all your confusions: #kampoll, a distinctive feature that lets you start a polling activity.


Whether small or big; planned or tentative, be it a birthday party or a convocation function, all these events can be posted and viewed via #Kampfire.


#Kampads where you post the list of your old or used things for sale. The whole campus becomes the target audience and you score a higher chance of your stuff getting sold.


Man is a social animal and socializing doesn't limit you to only your peer groups. Now, using #Kampool, you can be a part of other academic groups to view their posts and happenings or even invite other #kampanions to your circle.


Get noticed with your own trending and creative hashtags and start a trail of fever that increases your popularity on Kampy, resulting in you, becoming a famous trendsetter on the campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is kampy ?

Kampy is your own college networking app where you can privatize your own college life experience equipped with an eclectic array of features that you won't be able to find anywhere else! Kampy: the college networking app that is designed only to change the way you are going to experience your campus life

Who can download/use Kampy?

As Kampy is exclusive app for College Campus Networking, To download & use kampy you must be college student, with valid Identity. It is available at : Google Play Store

Who is "kampanion"?

Every user of Kampy is called "Kampion" are you Kampanion Yet?

What happens to Kampy account when I am graduated from college?

When you graduate from your college Kampy provide you with "Farewell" every Kampion can opt for this feature with click of button User will then receive "Kampion life journey" activities which includes all your post/comment/likes etc in (format) to cherish for rest of your life!

Can I deactivate my kampy account?

Yes , You can do it by following your profile -> Setting (gear icon on top left) -> Deactivate My Account

How does "#kampanon" feature work?

Kampanon feature wherein you can hide your public identity and anonymously reply to posts on the app. Every Kampy user will be given the option to have two different usernames: One with their own real identity and the other one with an anonymous identity. The kampanions can switch between these identities with a slight touch, thereby making the comments, posts and the relative anonymity an overall thrilling experience.

How does "kampscratch" feature work?

Just like the recharge coupons from the past, where you used to scratch them to reveal the voucher code, Kampy has this interesting new feature called Kamscratch. Through this, a kampanion can send hidden posts to a fellow kampanion, either with his real or anonymous identity and the receiver has to "scratch" the post on the phone screen to view the message.

Can I use kampy outside my college?

To use Kampy outside your college campus you need to opt for premium feature at very basic affordable cost.

How do I request a college campus change?

There is feature available within the app where user can request a Campus change, this process is carried out by our backend team may take 10-15 days to activate your new campus account.

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Tushar Kshirsagar


Kadir Mujawar


How it's started...

Who doesn't become nostalgic on visiting one's college after 8 long years? It was a college event which took me back to those beautiful memory lanes where I spent some of the most beautiful moments of my life. After completing my engineering, I always used to cherish the days spent with friends and being at the same place again brought all those reminiscences back.

If you talk about me, the person who came up with Kampy's idea, then I would call myself a very shy person. However, my shyness was a bit different from others as my heart was always ready to get involved in all naughty activities in a hidden way. I loved making fun of friends and then hugging them by calling various names to patch up. Giving nicknames to teachers and even to some fellow students was the most sought-after activity which I loved to be a part of. The love stories and break up stories among friends seemed to spread like fire every day, but the bond of friendship never weakened. Undoubtedly, the enjoyment with my friends knew no bounds, but somewhere I found a void of something which could keep everyone in the college connected every time, especially in this high-tech world, I felt it to be a necessity to make one's college life more productive as well as memorable. An idea struck my mind it was just a momentous plan, but the seriousness about it took it to the stage where I am today.

Thinking of an idea was not enough so it was the time to accumulate every possible resource to bring that plan into action. It was a herculean task and the only name which came in my mind was of my 'Guru' who not only motivated me, but actually helped me in gathering bits and pieces as a business partner over 5 years. His support kept my ambition high at every step and it was his undeterred zeal with which the target could be reached. we started the research work and our biggest challenge was to make it unique with some amazing features which every student may be craving for. And the first feature which made me excited was the anonymous feature for students like me who wanted to do all the naughtiness without letting anyone know about the same.

After two years of hard work & dedication, dream so close to my heart came true, Journey has just begin & whole team is excited and thrilled to see overwhelming response from thousands of "#Kampanions" we are committed to make your college life more thrilling leaving a trail of beautiful memories behind.


Team behind the #desk...

  • Mohini
  • Mugdha
  • Priyanka
  • Aarati
  • Rohit
  • Ranjeeta
  • Mayur

What #kampanion say's?

Kampy!the word itself excited me when I heard it first time, I so eagerly downloaded the app and started using Kampy and it just WOW !! my college campus changed in to new world, I love to tease my besties using "kampnion" and love the "kampscrach" campus life can't get any better, thank you team Kampy

Pranit Bhor JSPM,Pune

As student I always felt there is something missing in our daily college campus, something which could change daily monotonous routine, one day we heard about "Kampy"being launched for college's all of my buddies downloaded & we were just browsing through app for the first time with so much excitement only to figure out this is exactly what we were missing, features that Kampy given are just fabulous and not available on another app "we love you Kampy"

Ranjit Patil SIT,Kolhapur

Kampy! it has become inseparable prat of our college campus in no time, the only & one of its kind application for campus life, it has changed the way we study & enjoy our campus communication with seniors & juniors on the APP , help each other learn much more than we could ever do before Kampy, it has given joy of learning & being connected, Thank you Kampy!

Shivanjali Aitawade SIT,Kolhapur

YO ! so glad to be Kampion , what can I say about Kampy ? sharing notes? Asking seniors question? Helping out junior? Want know lecture time? Wan know what's buzzing in campus? What trend running in our college? Kampy has just changed our academic life to whole new different level , we are so lucky to be Kampion !! we can't thank enough to fab team of Kampy !!!

Samiksha Khanorkar COEN,Nagpur

After we started using Kampy in last few days, we realized that campus life can be so much wonderful, Kampy has made us realized what we have been missing sofar ! Kampy help us connect with whole campus with touch of figure, give us access to valuable notes from seniors, ask question to different batch mates , express our views as well share & learn from other campus mates, Kampy has brought so much of value to our academic learning experience , I am proud KAMPION

Bhavana Pawar ACEN, Nashik

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